Wellness, Massage and Spa Beds

spa-beauty-and-wellness-bed-with-4-engines Item No. DB-2249
4-engines SPA bed which adjust the height, the backrest, the footrest and the whole bed inclination. White PU upholstery with high quality padding ensuring high comfort. 3-sections single-block mattress. Adjustable armrests and headrest with breather hole. 

Dimentions: 185x76x68/89cm Weight: 105kg ; Adjustable Height: 68/89cm

Item No. DBWK-S00lettino_spa_dbwk-s001_m1
2-section fixed bed in dark wood with storage platform under the bed. The backrest can be manually adjusted. Adjustable headrest with anchoring rods and breather hole. Easy-to-clean PVC upholstery.

Dimentions 208x70x75 cm. Material: PVC. Breather Hole.

Lettino_fisioterapia_2252A (2)Item No. DB-2252A
High-performance bed with breather hole suitable for physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments. It is divided into 8 sections that allow the easy regulation of the table into several positions. The leg rests are independent. It is equipped with 2 motors that control height and backrest. Sturdy metallic frame with retractable wheels to facilitate its mobility. White PU upholstery of high quality that eases cleaning on high density padding.
Optionals: Bed cover, Foot controller, Wireless Control,  Silicone.

Dimentions: 207x68x88 cm. Two Engines. Weight: 69 kg. Material: PU. Breather Hole. Adjustable Height: 60/88 cm. Other Colors Available: White, Green, Black.

Lettino-Fisioterapia_2252A_vertLettino_fisioterapia_2252A_Nero (2)

 Item No. DBWK-S004poltrona_pedicure_dbwk-s004_m
Pedicure chair with foot basin and foot support incorporated, it is a really good solution for your beauty center. The height and rotation of the seat are adjustable by an hydraulic pump. Rotating footrest and adjustable in height. Wooden armrests in dark colour. An anti-slip mat in the basin area is included. Easy-to-clean white PVC upholstery.

Weight: 25kg Material: PVC.

Item No. DB-4122B
Comfortable and elegant SPA pedicure armchair with high-quality PU upholstery. It is equipped with 2 motors that control the inclination of the
backrest and the back and forth stroke of the seat. It is equipped with pivoting arms to give easy access to the chair.  Shiatsu massage in backrest and air-pressure massage in the seat. Such magnific beauty device include also a Whirlpool foot-SPA basin with shower. MP3 music player with USB and SD card connector is included.

Dimentions: 130x85x150 cm. Weight: 125 kg. Capacity of foot basin: 13 liters

                                                                                                                                                                                Technical Datasheet

lavandino_per_piedi_4101_mItem no. DBWK-4101
Foot spa basin with 4 wheels that make the mobility easy and convenient. Temperature to be chosen between hot and cold with a practical shower with water jet regulation. Whirlpool massage system and LED-changing lights  are built in the basin.
Capacity: 13 liters. Dimentions: 56x53x36

LettinoPortatible_foldablebeautyandspabead_2209b_1_white_m Item No. DB-2209B
Portable Massage Bed with 2-sections. This lightweight folding bed is held by tension wires and an aluminium frame. It has a breather hole and a lifting backrest. It includes also a headrest for cervical massage. Upholstered in white PVC of high quality that eases cleaning.

Product Dimentions: 215x72x60. Weight: 15kg. Material: PVC. Adjustable Height: 60/82 cm.



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